Rising Apothecary



Here at The Rising Apothecary, we aspire to have a collection of healing tools. Whether you are seeking healing through crystals or seeking healing through lip gloss; We have a tool for all walks of life. This shop is evolving and we are so excited to watch the growth. We hope our existence helps you along your path of healing.

Who is the Creator ?

She Rise is a 24 year old born and raised creator. She is a multifaceted freelance artist. She is currently pursuing her singing career fulltime. Although her music career is taking off, She Rise is natural healer and she has another calling. An idea for her own apothecary rose from the shadows of her mind. 

Born and raised in a Jamaican household, many seeds were planted in her mind about the different types of herbs, food and medicine one can use to heal themselves. Her great uncle also had his own apothecary in JA. She Rise has a calling back to her roots and creating this shop is helping her along the path of healing.

Why Rising Apothecary?

Founder She Rise, began to spiritually awaken in 2015. Her first stones were Tiger Eye, a stone for protection and Rose Quartz, the stone of love. She had no real clue why she needed these but she was drawn to these specific stones. An everlasting journey led She Rise to astrology which she then became in love with the Moon and fascinated by the phases. As humans, we come in many different shapes and forms on any giving day, at any giving hour; The moon is the same. The different phases influence the energy on this planet.

She Rise decided on naming her store The Rising Moon Apothecary because she believes the human race is on a rise to an evolutionarily state of mind where we are in full control of our bodies, our emotions, our thoughts and we are able to reflect upon the planet.

We are the healers of today